Michael Federici

What can I say other than we are so “proud” of the little man you have become and “Thank you” to Little House Day Care for everything you have done for Christian. Today is his last day at day care. It seems like yesterday, my wife and I were putting him in the car seat to take him there and “feeling good” about the desicion we made. From the begining, Little House has made us “relaxed” knowing that they were going to take awesome care of our son. In the years that he has been there, he has been taught so much and shown so much. Stacey and I loved how he would come home so he could show us something that he learned that day. He has made some incredible friends and many memories that he will carry with him. Thank you for preparing Christian for the next adventure in his life. Thank you again “Little House Day Care – Tita, Josephina and Carolina!

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54 Cedar Place, Rye NY 10580

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