Cristina and David Woods

I have been a Little House parent for almost 5 years. My children are currently aged 5 (almost 6) and 3. My daughter started when she was 13 months old and my son started two years later around the same age. My daughter is now in Kindergarten at Resurrection School in Rye and my son is at Little House finishing his last year there. He starts a 4’s program in PreK at Resurrection next year. My 5 year old daughter has gone to Little House on several school vacation days and she asks to spend the day there whenever possible. Both of my children adore Little House, as do my husband and I!

There are so many things that we love about Little House. One thing that stands out is that diversity is celebrated. My children learned multiple languages, cultural practices, and more. There are enrichment classes daily, with several taught by visiting professionals. The impressive array of offerings in the 5 years I have personally known LHDC have included music and singing classes, Spanish and French Immersion classes, Zumba for children, painting and craft making projects, multi-cultural awareness activities such as “around the world” music and dance classes, and classes with interactive puppets and costumes. Visiting teachers have included local professional artists and teachers who also teach at some of the finest institutions in Westchester, such as the Rye Arts Center and The Little Language League. The multi-lingual environment exposes children to immersion at the key time in their lives where they are effortlessly able to learn multiple languages. Homemade meals and snacks, made with organic ingredients, are served daily. The full-time caregivers and staff have created a warm and loving, family environment. The play-based curriculum encourages creativity, collaboration, problem solving, and engages all of the senses, increasing the children’s ability to learn. We love that our children spend a lot of time outdoors… gardening, running, playing house, walking to the park, even painting outdoors on individual easels for each child! Preschool aged children are taught age-appropriate skills that help them transition successfully from daycare to elementary school. We love that the mixed-age daycare environment allows children of many ages to play and learn together, especially siblings. This further enhances the sense of family at Little House. You are forever a part of the Little House Family even after you leave. We see older siblings who have “graduated” from Little House, excitedly participating in the annual Little House Halloween Parade or Christmas Party.

Elizabeth’s passion for early education is evident in all she does to care for and teach children, and to constantly grow and improve Little House Day Care. As a parent who has personally witnessed her work there along with my own children’s development and growth, I cannot say enough good things about Elizabeth! She promotes environmental and social conscience on young children by gathering donations to animal shelters and local food pantries. She prepared my daughter for her PreK 4’s program by giving her afternoon activities, worksheets and individual attention that had her writing well before her peers who had attended pre-schools. Her teacher could not believe she had come from a daycare. I kept my daughter exclusively at Little House until she was four years old, including summers, and am now doing the same with my son who will start PreK just before his 4th birthday. My children adore Elizabeth and all of the teachers and they both love to go to Little House!

Elizabeth sends me (and other parents) multiple text messages with updates, photos, and videos, daily. As a working mother, these updates are simply priceless. Elizabeth has gone beyond her usual duties by feeding my children dinner at Little House on a few nights that I worked late. These were freelance jobs that I would have otherwise had to pass on if she had not graciously offered to help. Elizabeth would do this for any parent. She is supportive and empathetic towards working parents, mothers especially.

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